After years of working on individual projects, Carousel Scene is the product of four friends reuniting. Comprised of singer Ashley Weis, guitarist Khalvin Canhe, producer Terence Trusdale, and multi-instrumentalist Dianne Ocampo, the quartet have all known each other for years but just recently came together as Carousel Scene.

Members Ashley, Khalvin, and Dianne had all previously studied music together in high school while Khalvin and Terence met in post-secondary school. Since then, each member has played in several projects ranging from pop punk to electro-pop. Ashley and Dianne were both members of BC’s Best Teen Band 2012 Runners Up, Shadows – an alt-rock outfit performing at number of acclaimed Vancouver venues for three years. Shortly after, Dianne briefly played in a pop-punk group called Savannahs who released their EP Vices in 2014. Terence was also part of electronic trio, Gigaheartz, winners of Live Agency’s Best in Vancouver competition.

With each of their projects reaching an end, the time felt right for these four very separate and very different paths to cross. The previous Carousel Scene (sans Terence and Dianne) was at the pinnacle of evolving their sound. Ashley and Khalvin originally brought in Terence and Dianne to simply boost the spectrum of their music with new instruments. However, their addition not only amplified the music, it pushed Carousel Scene past the threshold of their original rock sound. 

Carousel Scene is the pursuit of experimentation and evolution. With a broad spectrum of musical backgrounds, the band wants to bring their influences together in creating intricate electro-pop. Already, the four have played at multiple Vancouver venues together as Carousel Scene and have also placed third in Live Agency’s Best In Vancouver 2015 competition.  They hope to debut this new Carousel Scene at future shows and with a new EP later this year. 

Band Members

Ashley Weis – Vocals
Khalvin Canhe – Guitar
Dianne Ocampo – Synth / Guitar / Bass
Terence Trusdale – Synth / Bass

Genre: Electronic/Pop
Hometown: Surrey, BC


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