In the first year of a lineup change and making the transition from alt-rock to synth-pop, Carousel Scene has already been amassing a following online and throughout Vancouver.

Since releasing a 4-song EP under their previous rock genre in 2015, the quintet have produced and released four singles under a different pop sound. ‘Secrets,’ ‘Red Lipstick,’ ‘IWD’ and ‘All I Wanna Know,’ are the band‘s introduction to a new Carousel Scene. As opposed to an EP compilation, four individual releases show the band growing and developing their sound. Each was meant to showcase a journey into synth-pop and R&B territory while maintaining the rock energy that first captured fans.

Carousel Scene has been performing throughout Vancouver and has also placed third in Live Act’s Best in Vancouver competition, second in CiTR Radio’s SHINDIG, and Top 25 in CBC’s nationwide Searchlight contest.


“…a band that plays until their fingers hurt and their faces are dripping in sweat, it’s easy to see that Carousel Scene is willing to put in work to make 2017 count.”
-Permanent Rain Press


Carousel Scene is Ashley Weis (vocals), Khalvin Canhe (guitar,vocals), Terence Trusdale (synths, production), Dianne Ocampo (synths, guitar), and Reid Mathews (percussion, production).


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